Xocol Havana Browns
Havana Browns

Xocol (pronounced SHO-cul) is from the Nahuatl (Aztec language) word "xocolatl" which became the word "chocolate" in many languages.

We celebrate our 2013-14  achievements:

Left and middle:
GC BW RW Xocol Besame Mucho -
CFA's BEST Havana Brown globally
CFA Southern Region's 17th Best Cat and 23rd Best Kitten

On the right:
GC RW Xocol Coffee Dessert -
CFA Southern Region's 25th Best Kitten

We also had CFA's top FIVE Havana Brown kittens. 


Phone: 334-444-5305
(please, no calls after 8:30 pm central!!)

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